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Huntington Learning Center Testimonials

Doing so much better in math

I used to hate math and get low grades in school. My tutor at Huntington helped me overcome my fear in Math. I am getting good grades now and I am no longer stressed about it. Thanks Pauline for all your help!

FROM: Alexa

Huge improvement in writing

Mary's writing has improved so much over the past couple of months. Her tutor at Huntington is amazing. Mary feels confident and is doing great in school.


Beyond ecstatic

I enrolled my son at Huntington Learning Center in Del Mar to improve his reading, writing and Math. In just 3 months we have seen Liam’s performance in math, reading and writing beyond our expectations. Also, Rajesh drove all the way down to our son’s school to meet with his teacher. They go beyond the call of duty to deliver a service that in my opinion you cant find any where else. Beyond ecstatic.

FROM: Mark S

Professional Team

Mr. Rajesh and his team of tutors are extremely professional. Our son came out of his time at Huntington considerably more confident in both his math and English skills and we attribute that to the dedicated and tailored tutoring program focused on our son's specific needs and learning style. We unequivocally recommend Huntington Learning Center of Del Mar for your child.

FROM: Jose B

Super Impressed

I was super impressed with the expertise provided. Not only did they provide tutoring, but also gave regular updates and had great communication. They were committed to improving my son's grade, his academic understanding and his confidence level. I highly recommend.

FROM: April R

Excellent guidance & tutoring for high schooler

I have a high schooler who needed some guidance on getting writing done efficiently and study planning for various exams. HLC was very personalized to her specific needs and interviewed some of her teachers to get to the root of what has been holding her back. Overall, my daughter has handled the end of the school year stresses and exams much better this year due to the guidance and tutoring at Huntington.

FROM: Michelle C

10 stars for Huntington Learning Center of Del Mar

I would give Huntington Learning Center of Del Mar 10 stars, if I could! My student is well prepared for his exams and I am beyond happy with the high level of service, professionalism and feedback. Great team!


High Praise for owner Rajesh at Huntington Learning Center!

With my son’s ACT test date fast approaching and an extended family winter break trip to Del Mar, we sought help from 2 tutors at Huntington. Thoughtful, great communication with parents via email, text and phone. A well thought out plan for the hours spent in tutoring was provided and executed. Pricing is not cheap, but definitely fair and comparable to other options out there. Best of all, the tutoring help was superb and my son’s practice test scores have improved several points already! ...

FROM: Merrilee S
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